Article: Facebook moves it's mobile chat to Messenger App

Facebook moves it’s mobile chat to Messenger App

Facebook has moved the inApp chat function of the Facebook mobile app to the messenger app. From a notice in the Facebook app, displayed to users, Facebook announced that...
Article: What is a computer trojan?

What is a computer trojan?

Computer trojans are often mentioned together with viruses and worms. And they are a part of the croup that can be called “malware”. Different to viruses and worms they...
Article: Crypto trojan locky

Crypto trojan Locky and what you can do to be safe!

One of the most famous computer trojan in these days is the crypto trojan Locky. Once a computer is infected, the trojans starts to encrypt the whole hard drive....
Robot Worm

What is a computer worm?

The classic computer viruses we know about are more and more replaced by computer worms. Worms are mainly created for the purpose to damage or destroy complete computer systems....
Virus Cell

What is a computer virus?

Viruses are small programs that are operating in the background of the operating system. They can also effect other software and programs. Often they are spread across the World...
Big Data - Library and Books

Why Big Data Will Change Marketing

The New Era of Big Data! Big Data is everywhere! The last decade was the beginning of a new era, because of the huge explosion in new information available in all...
Google Home - Picture LechnerNews

Google Home Trailer: A preview from Google I/O 2016

Google Home The new Artificial Intelligence Engine for Your Home Watch this Video from Google's I/O 2016 - Google Home
Google Home - Picture LechnerNews

Google’s new artificial intelligence engines Home and Allo!

New virtual assistant and chat messenger Home and Allo. On Google's I/O 2016 Developer conference Chief Executive Sundar Pichai revealed its new virtual assistant along with the speaker appliance Google...

Google’s take on WhatsApp, the new Video Chat App Duo

Google's new Video Chat App Duo Google has presented at  I/O it's new chat app, "Allo". But that's not all Google also presented a partner app to "Allo", which allows lightening...
StarVR Front Up - Source: StarVR

Acer cooperates with Starbreeze to develop the StarVR headset

New Joint-Venture in Virtual Reality The Swedish Game Studio Starbreeze, developers of games like Enclave, Payday, Riddick, Syndicate and The Darkness announced an intention to form a cooperation with the...
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