Giants vs Red Sox – Papi homers, Porcello shine

The Giants lost their Game against Red Sox with 0:4
Free Chance, choice for change

Free Microsoft Publisher Alternatives

The world of proprietary software has brought us many tools for designing layouts, including QuarkXpress, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher ...

China’s exports have been falling by 4.8 pct in June

The June Reports show that China's exports fell by more than 4.8 precent from year 2015, while imports have declined by more than 8.4 percent. This is more
Welcome in different languages

How Language And Culture Boost International Commercials

How Language And Culture Boost International Commercials. This means that culture strongly plays part in international marketing.

48 hours two black Americans have been killed by the police.

Two white United States police officer shoot a black man during an incident. The girlfriend of the black man is filming the scene while her boyfriend dies. Within 48-hours two black Americans...
Portugal beats Wales 2:0

Porugal in Euro 2016 final: Ronaldo beats Bale

Cristiano Ronaldo has decided the duel of the superstars for himself. The team from Portugal won the Euro 2016 semi-final clearly against Wales with 2:0.
Volkswagen Sign

Volkswagen AG: No fines in Germany for gasoline scandal!

Volkswagen: While VW agrees to a $ 15.3bn settelment over gasoline scandal in the US, the German multinational automotive manufacturing company will not fear any fines in Germany. Environmental...
Lionel Messi - Picture: HDW

Lionel Messi: 21 Month Prison for tax fraud

Lionel Messi has been found guilty of tax fraud. According to multiple resources the FC Barcelona star Messi has been sentenced to 21 month in prison. It seems that Messi and...
Dictator Kim Jong-un

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un has health problems

According to the South Korean National Intelligence Service, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has health problems. He has gained a lot of weight and is suffering from insomnia and...
Hillary Clinton

No criminal investigation against Hillary Clinton!

James B Comex, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, recommended on Tuesday that no criminal charges will be brought against Hillary Clinton over the e-mail affair, while she...
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