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Article: Facebook's and Samsung's Gear VR hits 1 million user in April. Picture: Virtual Reality - Pixabay

Oculus: “Gear VR hits 1 million users in April”

According to a blog post published by Oculus VR on Tuesday, more than a million people have used the Gear VR in April. This could be an effect of the lower price and due to the fact that it only requires a phone to run. So Facebook’s and Samsung’s partnership is catching up. The popularity in April show us that the overall market of virtual reality is growing fast.

Oculus mobile head Max Cohen was “not expecting to be at a million right now” as he was speaking at a press conference in San Francisco on Tuesday. Cohen did not exactly mentioned any details behind the “1 Million figure”, but it shows that not only the “Early Adopters” are using the new technology behind virtual reality. He also mentioned, that compared to the mobile market in general this is a significant low number.

Push developers to create more content

Programmer Virtual World
Article: Pixeed: Get customized photos from professionals! Picture: Programmer Virtual World – Pixabay – agdas666

But looking at the new Technology it is much more interesting how many Gear VR devices have been actually sold up to this date. But we have to wait until Facebook and Samsung will release the next details after the last release in November 2015. But “it’ll hopefully push developers to create more content for the platform,” said Cohen and continued, “because it’s sometimes daunting to get developers to spend time making VR content.

App Tree
Article: Pixeed: Get customized photos from professionals! Picture: App Tree – Pixabay – geralt

More and more Apps for Gear VR available

Next to the VR Technology Oculus is also working on increasing the App market. Currently more than 300 different Apps are available in Google and Apple Store. And to help Oculus in gathering more users into the technology, Facebook is showing 360º Photos and Videos. In future we will post 360º Videos of our adventures and we can share the view and the sight with our friends in social networks. May be one day we can go virtual where we always wanted to be but never could.

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